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       Photon Energy Ltd. It specializes in the design, validation, installation, certification and maintenance of installations for the production of electricity from renewable sources. We perform construction of photovoltaic power plants producing electricity, autonomous systems with balanced use of energy from the grid and additional energy, and absolutely independent supply of energy from various renewable energy sources and battery packs for energy storage. We offer complete solutions for the automation and management of freight and energy consumers in an object, including specialized applications for business customers and individual users. Advise on the latest and tailored to customer needs technologies and provide high-quality warranty and post warranty support, analyzing the origin of the problems with a view to their prevention or timely removal.

       As a high-tech company we develop and implement technologies to leading companies in the industry in Western Europe and the USA. We are their partners and certified installers.
       PHOTON ENERGY LTD technologies used by leading companies such as SMA Solar Technology AG, SchletterGmbH, Siemens AG, Heckert Solar GmbH, Fronius GmbH and others.




power plants




power supply systems



Combined Thermal

and Photovoltaic Systems



System standard

for energy management