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Combined Thermal and Photovoltaic Systems

Photon Energy, when building complex systems and thermo-photovoltaic modules (PVT). They are used to produce electricity and heat.
They are constructed by using a heat exchanger on the rear surface (the surface at the layer receiving the solar radiation) when the liquid passes, is heated due to the heat that transmits solar radiation on the photovoltaic cells and which is not converted into electrical energy. Special, high-density polyurethane thermal protective insulation increases heat production, making any energy loss due to convection negligible

Hybrid module can produce:
- 1.1 domestic hot water (DHW)
- 1.2 Hot water and heating
- 1.3 DHW winter and air conditioning
- 1.4 Cooling of the photovoltaic system

Systems using such panels can achieve much higher efficiency, which refers to both the electrical and the thermal part. Characteristically, occupy significantly less space on the roofs, which are placed.